Terms and Conditions

  1. The Hired Equipment listed overleaf shall remain in the ownership of and is the property of this Company and the Hirer will not hire, lend, sell or in any other way part with possession of the Hired Equipment.
  2. The Deposit paid (if any) shall be refunded to the Hirer in full upon return of the Hired Equipment provided that all due charges have been paid and the Hired Equipment is returned to this Company in proper condition.
  3. The Hirer shall indemnify this Company in respects of all claims by any person whatsoever for damage to property and or injury to persons caused by or in connection with or arising out of the use of the Hired Equipment and in respect of all costs and charges in connections therewith.
  4. The hire shall commence at the time of collection or delivery and shall continue until the Hired Equipment is returned to this Company. 
  5. The cost of any item of the Hired Equipment which is not returned to this Company will be charged the Hirer at the current published list prices of the appropriate manufacturer. Hire charges will be payable up to the time that this Company replaces the item concerned. 
  6. The Hired Equipment shall be returned in the same condition as it was supplied (fair wear and tear only expected). If it is not returned in such condition a reasonable charge for cleaning, repairing, renewing or replacing will be made.
  7. No liability or responsibility will be places by this Company in respect of any mechanical breakdown or any other failure of the Hired Equipment to perform due to circumstances beyond the Company’s control. 
  8. Charges for delivery and collection of Hired Plant are not included in the hire charge.
  9. For purpose of a hire a week is deemed to be seven consecutive days.
  10. Signing of a Hire Contract  or document connected to a Hire Contract indications (a) acceptance by the Hirer that the Hired Equipment is in good working order and that it is not damaged in any way and (b) acceptance of these Terms and Conditions